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Internal Lane Standard 600

The Internal Lane Standard 600 (ILS 600) consists of 22 bands ranging in size from 60bp to 600bp. Fragments of 60–200bp are spaced at 20bp intervals, fragments of 200–500bp are spaced every 25 bases, and fragments of 500–600bp are spaced every 50 bases. Fragments that are multiples of 100 bases have fluorescence intensities approximately twice that of other fragments to simplify size assignment. The DNA ladder is double-stranded and asymmetrically labeled with carboxy-X-rhodamine (CXR). The Internal Lane Standard 600 is used to assign sizes to DNA fragments separated by electrophoresis and detected u...

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Internal Lane Standard 600

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Internal Lane Standard 600


  • Internal Lane Standard 600

    DG107A1 x 150μl
  • Blue Dextran Loading Solution

    DV435A1 x 1ml
  • Bromophenol Blue Loading Solution

    DV437A1 x 1ml
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Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles or exposure to frequent temperature changes. These fluctuations can greatly alter product stability. The Internal Lane Standard 600 is light-sensitive; therefore, minimize light exposure.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

Internal Lane Standard 600.Figure 1. Internal Lane Standard 600.

Fragments are evenly spaced at 20-, 25- or 50-base intervals as illustrated to assure optimum performance in size determination through the entire range of 60–600 bases. Each fragment contains the entire sequence of each smaller fragment.

Use Restrictions

DG1071 For Laboratory Use. Outside of the United States, this product is intended for research use only unless otherwise stated.

Internal Lane Standard 600


miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012 by Amelia Rodríguez López, USC, Santiago de Compostela

Buena asiganción de tamaños para fragmentos grandes. El único invonveniente es que quizás vaya perdiendo sensibilidad al descongelarlo y congelarlo.

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