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Eukaryotic Cell-Free Protein Expression

Express Protein in Hours, Not Days

Choose from an extensive range of eukaryotic cell-free protein expression systems. Kits optimized for in vitro transcription and translation of plasmid DNA, RNA or PCR DNA are available. 

Featured Products

TnT® SP6 High-Yield Wheat Germ System

Express up to 100µg of soluble, functional, full-length protein in as little as 60 minutes directly from plasmid DNA.

TnT® Quick Systems

Add plasmid DNA directly to the TnT® Master Mix to express protein quickly in this eukaryotic-based system. No purification required after expression—use directly for protein interaction experiments.

TnT® T7 Insect Cell Extract

A convenient alternative to resource and time constrained cell-based baculovirus expression.

TnT® T7 Quick for PCR DNA

Convenient protein expression directly from PCR templates. No post-amplification clean-up required.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr Non-Radioactive Detection of Proteins Expressed in Cell-Free Expression Systems

This article describes non-radioactive techniques to detect proteins produced in both rabbit reticulocyte lysate-based and wheat germ extract-based cell-free protein expression systems.

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