Promega Corporation

Automated RNA Purification from FFPE Tissues using Maxwell®16 Scientific Poster




Doug Wieczorek, Nadine Nassif, Doug Storts and Trista Schagat
Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

The Maxwell®16 Instrument extracts nucleic acid using novel paramagnetic particles, allowing optimal capture, washing and elution of the target material. Because there are no tubes or pipette tips involved, there are no clogs, drips, splashing or aerosols, greatly reducing any contamination risk. The instrument processes up to 16 samples in approximately 40 minutes, depending on which sample type is being processed.

The Maxwell®16 instrument is preprogrammed with numerous purification protocols, which, combined with pre-dispensed reagent cartridges, maximizes ease and convenience. Simply add samples or lysate directly to the prefilled reagent cartridges, and press start. The optimized reagents are designed for specified sample types and deliver maximum yield and purity.

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  • Part# PS111
  • Printed in USA.

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